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Solutions Built for 2020 Census Outreach

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Census Rapid Campaign Solution

Increase Your Count Now

No need to recruit or train volunteers/staff

Reach 3.5 million people in 1 hour

Get up to 31% improvement in daily self-response

Send census info and reminders in multiple languages

Send videos or text to encourage people to self-respond


Answer Questions

Address 10,000+ constituent questions quickly and conveniently and confidentially.

Provide Answers in English and Spanish

Refer constituents to in-person assistance

Reminders: Respondents can opt-in to be reminded to respond

Human Centered: If a question can’t be automatically answered, it can be routed to a person to respond

Community Motivator

Build Engagement Pipeline

Build opt-in list

Optimize engagement through follow-up touchpoints

Increase self-response

Digital Pledge Campaign

Field Staff Recruiter

Build, engage, and support a pipeline of qualified field staff candidates

Educate candidates about census opportunity

Direct qualified candidates to census application

Connect candidates to local resources for application support

Keep qualified candidates motivated and informed through complex application process

Inform local outreach/recruitment efforts by providing data on candidate pipeline (location, languages, progress)