Community Motivator

Build Engagement Pipeline

  • Build opt-in list
  • Optimize engagement through follow-up touchpoints
  • Increase self-response
  • Digital Pledge Campaign

Customizable, digital Pledge Card

Personalizable by individual respondents

Shareable on social media

Pledge to be counted in the 2020 census Pledge Card that reads "TEXT PLEDGE TO 987987. In 2020, I will be counted in the Census because I care about money for my community. Census Outreach"
  • Automated follow-up: respondents are automatically enrolled to get nudges and reminders to complete the Census in 2020
  • Multilingual: Available in multiple languages
  • Robust Reporting: Track opt-ins, engagements and self-responded Census completions from residents

5 Follow-up Touch-Points

Pledge & Opt-in
Look out for your census letter in the mail!
Why census matters - video
Look out for your census letter in the mail!
It’s not too late to respond

Cost Effective Way To Remove Barriers to Being Counted

Engage residents
Community Motivator
Call or canvassing
2020 Census mobile tool for sending automated follow-ups and motivating Hard to count individuals

Easy to Implement

  • Promote your text-in number and provided startword, and respondents can pledge directly from their phones, share on social media sites and get automatic reminders
  • Ad hoc messaging available
  • Multimedia capable: respondents will get images to display what Census forms will look like and videos to help them through the process
  • Can also be implemented as a webform on a browser

Best Practices

Advertise it:

  • Keep It Simple: Help your community {example}. Text {Pledge} to {XXX-XXX-XXXX}
  • In-person: At events, town halls, tabling or CCC events, introduce the Community Motivator and encourage folks to pull out their phones and text in right then and there
  • Online: Include the text-in number on your website, tweet, post or include the text in information on digital advertising
  • Everywhere: Promote your text-in number and startword on all Census materials, from flyers to radio and tv spots

Talk about it now:

  • Scale your outreach efforts: Getting constituents to text in to pledge to be counted now increases likelihood of self-response, and guarantees multiple nudges via text during Census time
  • Make It Competitive: Challenge groups to pledge drives, incentivize folks to participate and keep it fun