Field Staff Recruiter

Build, engage, and support a pipeline of qualified field staff candidates

  • Educate candidates about census opportunity
  • Direct qualified candidates to census application
  • Connect candidates to local resources for application support
  • Keep qualified candidates motivated and informed through complex application process
  • Inform local outreach/recruitment efforts by providing data on candidate pipeline (location, languages, progress)

Hire quality Enumerators

  • Ensure hiring of quality candidates who are trusted, bilingual, and motivated to count their communities
  • Increase the count in HTC communities by 4%

*CCL estimate based on HTC population and publicly discussed Census hiring targets

2020 census mobile tool for field staff recruitment

How It Works


Easily enable people to opt in to receive job info from caseworkers, events, etc


Recipients will automatically receive a series of informational messages about the job


Recipients can get automatically pre-screened for eligibility


The campaign automatically provides nudges and reminders to complete the application, as well as links to resources such as instructional videos or practice assessments


Data dashboard tracks and keeps interested candidates engaged through the long waiting period


Share with a friend: Candidates can virally share the opportunity with other community members to further build pipeline

Low Lift for Recruitment Partners

Hiring Step
How the Tool Supports Candidates
  • Understanding what the job is
  • Understanding what the application/hiring process is
  • Successfully completing the application
  • Successfully completing the assessment
  • Knowing how to check application status
  • Knowing how to navigate the interview
Onboarding & Training
  • Creating an appointment for fingerprinting
  • Completing online onboarding forms
  • Monitoring on-boarding status to address issues
  • Following up on background check results
Enumeration & After Job
  • Knowing about available off-ramps, benefits, and transition opportunities
  • Accessing opportunities


  • Staff resource guide
  • Brief training videos in English & Spanish
  • Computer resource center operating recommendations
  • Marketing guide incl. social media templates
  • Self-reported data on candidate progress

Maximize On-the-Ground Outreach

Source a pipeline of eligible candidates and keep them engaged throughout the process.

This sample advertisement can be distributed in multiple languages by:

Nonprofit service providers

Schools and libraries

Community centers and events

Government agency offices

Web/social media

Field Staff Recruiter Case Study

This sample advertisement can be distributed in multiple languages by:

Respondents received:

  • Tutorials, Videos, Links to Job Site
  • Check-ins when next steps were revealed
  • Nudges & Reminders to complete application
  • Follow-up for results
participants from 20 California Adult Education Schools
Languages Represented
Likely Eligible for Enumerator Jobs
Opted-In to Reminders